Crossdocking and Delivery offers cross docking and transloading temporary warehouse services to help companies route shipments from multiple locations to our facility to be redistributed on outbound trucks. This process helps reduce overall storage time and in turn reduce warehouse costs, shorten delivery lead times, and increase order fulfillment rates. Contact us to learn more about how our cross-docking services can significantly reduce your warehouse costs and meet your fill rates on time or ahead of schedule.

Why Choose Drayage for cross docking solutions?

  • Our centrally located Orlando location provides convenient access to all major ports, interstates and rail connections.
  • Our distribution warehouse offers numerous docks and extensive storage capacity to handle surges in inventory for holiday promotions and weekend arrivals.
  • We provide affordable cross docking management for large chain retailers as well as smaller local retailer operation.
  • We offer immediate service requests as well as emergency and after hour services.

Transload Storage

At Crossdocking and Delivery we offer both short-term and long-term contract storage for your cross-docking and transloading needs as well. We can help you resolve potential storage and scheduling problems by handling issues such as block & brace, distressed loads, rearranging loads, floor loaded shipments, over-weight loads, repacking, restacking, relabeling, reworking, tightening loads, shifted loads and more.

For more information on our cross docking and transload solutions and services, contact our main office at 407-888-9191.